Brickworks / Brickyard in Czechia

Discover the impressive variety of perforated and pressed bricks at Cihelna Kadan! Whether for large-scale canteens or non-standard customer requirements, our tailor-made brick solutions offer timeless quality and aesthetic charm. Vertical perforated bricks are ideal for façades, load-bearing column walls, and partition walls, while pressed bricks find their place in garden architecture. We take pride in renovating and restoring historic and listed buildings with traditional fired bricks, giving them a new lease of life. Learn more about the environmentally friendly production and the fascinating world of brick making at Cihelna Kadan. Be inspired and design your projects with timeless brick materials!

  • Bricks that have been precisely trimmed or shaped for specific construction purposes.
  • Bricks formed by compressing clay under pressure, creating durable building materials.
  • Bricks or tiles specifically designed for corners, used to achieve neat and stable edges.
  • Big and long brick wall
  • Sides of a staircase made from bricks
  • Brick walls with a tunnel
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Immerse yourself in the variety of vertically perforated bricks and pressed bricks from this Czech manufacturer! Their aesthetic solutions are perfect for canteens or individual customer requirements. Whether house facades, load-bearing walls, or garden architecture - they offer tailor-made brick products. Learn more about their environmentally friendly production and the renovation of historical buildings with traditional fired bricks at their website. Get inspired for timeless building projects! Visit their website and explore their range of bricks now!

Rustic bricks

Rustic bricks are often made of clay and are distinguished by their irregular shape and rustic surface structure. These bricks give buildings a charming, natural look and are particularly look to buildings and are particularly popular for rural or traditional building styles. Their warm aesthetics create a cosy a cosy atmosphere.

Pressed bricks

Pressed bricks, on the other hand, are manufactured under high pressure, which gives them a smooth and even surface. even surface. This type of brick is available in a variety of colours and sizes, making them a versatile making them a versatile choice for modern architecture. Pressed bricks are extremely robust and durable, making them ideal for use in high traffic areas, such as pedestrian walkways. areas, such as pedestrian zones or industrial buildings.


Cantons are special bricks characterised by their L-shape. They are often used as curbs or for the design of corners and edges. In this way, they give buildings a defined and structured look to buildings, both functionally and decoratively.